Dental Implants

Your Practice for Dental Implants in Citrus Heights

If you are missing one or multiple teeth, you know firsthand how much of an impact it can make on your smile. Promptly dealing with missing or damaged teeth is very important. Interventions like dental implants aim to directly address issues like teeth shifting out of alignment and jawbone shrinkage. At Osorio Dental Care, we're passionate about helping patients complete their smiles with dental implants. Our dental implant services will improve your smile's function and health while reversing the negative impacts caused by missing teeth.

We're proud to serve the Citrus Heights community and value our opportunity to improve residents' oral health. Our friendly team always strives to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in our practice. We want you to feel comfortable and confident about the care you'll receive, and we look forward to discussing how dental implants can serve your needs. We employ advanced technology to maximize the success of your treatment and, depending on your situation, may offer same-day crowns to help you regain your smile function immediately. Contact our practice to consult with our dental team to discover how dental implants can give you the healthy smile you want!


What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a treatment option for replacing missing teeth. A full dental implant includes three separate parts:

  • An implant post: Dental implant posts are small metal posts implanted surgically into your jawbone where you're missing a tooth. This post is what the tooth-shaped restoration is placed on top of, giving you a complete replacement tooth or teeth. These posts are made from body-safe metals, usually titanium or a titanium alloy.
  • An abutment: We place an abutment at the base of the implant post. The abutment placed will act as a buffer between the gum tissue and your restoration, ensuring a secure, comfortable fit.
  • A restoration: The restoration refers to a prosthetic tooth placed on top of the implant post and abutment. The most common restorations are crowns, bridges, and partial and full dentures.

Our Computer-Guided Dental Implant Process

Our team will perform a thorough oral exam to ensure you aren't facing any oral health conditions that might prevent you from getting dental implants. For instance, if you're exhibiting severe gum disease, we must treat it before performing the procedure. After determining you're in good oral health, we'll begin planning your dental implant treatment. Using technology like our CBCT scanner, we create a detailed 3D model of your teeth which helps take the guesswork out of placing your implant post.

With these models, we'll be able to calculate the proper angle and placement of your post, ensuring it's in an optimal position to provide a sturdy implant with exceptional longevity. We then use computer-guided surgery to ensure the posts are optimally placed for a strong and effective hold. Our dentist will talk to you about our planned approach for your implant post. With computer-guided dental implant procedures, we can provide precise treatments you can rely on for years to come.

Our Dental Implant Restoration Options

We offer a full range of restorative options for completing your smile. Whether we're replacing front teeth, molars, or a full arch of teeth with implant-supported dentures, materials and methods will vary. Our team will work hard to tailor your restorations to fit your needs and aesthetic desires. Some of the options we offer include:

Crowns & Bridges: We use crowns to replace individual teeth on a single implant post, while bridges replace up to four in a row, anchored at each end by two posts.

Implant-Supported Dentures: We offer both full and partial implant-supported dentures, generally held in place by 6-8 implant posts. These dentures offer exceptional function and a comfortable fit. We can also qualify you for All-on-4® dentures, which use only four implant posts.

Am I Eligible for the All-on-4 Process for Dentures?

We'll perform a thorough examination of your smile to ensure you qualify for All-on-4 dentures. Our team considers things like bone shrinkage in your jaw and will talk to you about whether you're healthy enough for the All-on-4 process. All-on-4 is an advantageous process because being able to support dentures with four posts means you'll spend less time in treatment and generally leads to quicker recovery times.

What if I Need Pretreatments Before Getting Dental Implants?

If we determine your jaw is not healthy enough for dental implants when we examine your smile initially, we offer excellent pretreatment options to strengthen your jawbone. Our skilled team offers bone grafts, which involve placing a small piece of bone added to your smile where we plan to place dental implants. These grafts strengthen your jawbone, increasing implant success.

We'll always do everything possible to restore and strengthen existing teeth, but sometimes we can't save your natural tooth. In these cases, we offer gentle extraction services to remove compromised teeth before placing a dental implant.

Dental Implant Excellence in Citrus Heights

At Osorio Dental Care, we are excited to help you return to good oral health. If you're struggling with a compromised tooth and wondering what your options are for repairing or replacing it, we're happy to help. If you have been putting off care for a missing tooth, our team will never judge. Our focus is solely on providing dental implant treatments that increase oral function and promote optimal dental health. Contact our practice today for the care you need to get your healthy smile back!